welcome to elliot's roller rink

you hear a familiar song through the speakers..

Now that you're here, what will you do?

put on your skates!


get some snacks!

check out the arcade!

go skating!

now that your skates are on, mind if i tell you a bit about myself?

my name is elliot!
i am..
✾ 17 years old
✾ american
✾ a scorpio! my birthday is nov 6 :)
✾ an INTJ-T, enneagram type 5
✾ queer, trans FTM
✾ a native english speaker, conversational in spanish
✾ learning french & korean

i like...
✾ music
✾ my friends / family
✾ animals
✾ youtube
✾ anime
✾ pumpkin spice lattes, matcha
✾ fall
✾ clothes / fashion
✾ neon lights!!
✾ my girlfriend !!
✾ languages & travel
✾ large cities
✾ concerts

i'm NOT a fan of...
✾ discrimination
✾ violence
✾ heights
✾ blood / needles
✾ the beach
✾ bugs
✾ small towns
✾ the cold
✾ pineapple on pizza

alright, now that introductions are out of the way, what do you wanna do next?

now that we're in the karaoke room, why don't i tell you about some artists i love?

boy groups i stan & my bias(es)!
( ☆ = ult)
bts; yoongi & hobi☆
nct; mark, johnny, jungwoo, chenle, jisung☆
stray kids; jeongin, felix, jisung☆
ateez; san & hongjoong☆
the boyz; kevin, changmin, jacob☆
day6; jae & dowoon☆
✾ wayv; ten & xiaojun
✾ superm; mark
✾ txt; hueningkai
✾ ace; jun
✾ mcnd; minjae
✾ 2z; hojin

girl groups i stan & my bias(es)!!
✾ twice; jeongyeon & jihyo
✾ blackpink; lisa
✾ mamamoo; hwasa
✾ everglow; mia
✾ red velvet; wendy
✾ dreamcatcher; dami
✾ cherry bullet; remi
✾ itzy; chaeryoung

non-kpop artists i like!!
✾ keshi
✾ taylor swift
✾ post malone
✾ panic! at the disco
✾ fall out boy
✾ twenty one pilots
✾ marina
✾ lauren aquilina
✾ 5 seconds of summer

soloists i stan!!
✾ sunmi
✾ chungha
✾ holland
✾ iu

alright, that's enough singing for one day.. what now?

snack time! as we eat, we fall into discussion about our favorite people...

my ults!

yang jeongin, i don't think there is another idol who can bring a smile to my face as fast as you can. i really don't think i should've denied the fact that you're one of my ults as long as i have, but nonetheless you mean so, so much to me. you're an adorable ray of sunshine who means the world to so many people, and i hope you know how loved you are ♡

    mark lee, you are a beautiful light in this world. thank you for being my hope. you showed me that anything is possible, and to never give up. you have left a deep & permanent impact on my life, and i will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me. ♡

      choi san, you brighten my days with your smile & positive demeanor. i’m eternally grateful that i stumbled upon you, and i cannot thank you enough for being my emotional support kpop boy :] you are so, so talented and so, so loved.. do not forget that ♡

        min yoongi, my first kpop love. you mean the absolute world to me and there will always be a place in my heart for you. thank you for producing music that has helped me through hard times & will resonate with me for the rest of my life.♡

          i got a bit carried away there... anyways, what now?

          alright, after this we'll skate, so here's a few skating safety reminders!

          (before you follow!)

          ✾ i swear and retweet things with swears, so if that makes you uncomfortable please don’t follow!

          ✾ if you're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc... i don't want to interact with you!!

          ✾ please tag violence, blood, and bugs!

          ✾ please also tag eating disorders / food / weight, this is my biggest trigger and i really can’t be seeing untagged posts about this on my tl.. thank you for understanding <3

          ✾ if you are going to hate on any idol, especially one i stan, please just do me a favor and don’t follow me. i don’t want to see your negativity on my tl. thank you

          alright, keeping these in mind.. i think it's time to skate!

          skating makes you really happy! as you skate, you think of all the people who make you just as happy.

          to dani, yayo, jen, carragh, jojo, sas, grace, cam, mya, cia, zion, kia, bridget, rosalie, gwen, kaitlyn, oliver: i can never express enough how much you all mean to me. you've stuck by me through both the good & bad times and made me feel safe. you all make me feel appreciated and like my existence is worth something. i appreciate you all more than i could ever say in words, and i love you all!

          and just like that, your day of skating was over. come again sometime!

          ( Made with Carrd )